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Simon Lee, also known as Spiderzero, is a Los Angeles based concept artist & creature designer for the film and games industries.

Simon Lee Filmography

For more than a decade, Simon Lee has worked on many high profile film projects as a concept artist and creature designer, and the more notable ones include: Lord of the Rings (Amazon series, 2023), Kong vs Godzilla, Godzilla King of the Monsters, Kong Skull Island, Edge of Tomorrow, Star Trek Beyond, The Strain, Maleficent, and Pacific Rim.

Pacific Rim

In 2011, Simon Lee was hired by director Guillermo del Toro as a concept artist and creature designer for the Legendary / Warner Brothers movie Pacific Rim. Simon Lee worked on the early design of some of the film's kaiju creatures. His involvement in the project was praised by Guillermo del Toro, and his work could be seen both in the film as well as the official artbook.


In 2012, Simon Lee worked directly under director Darren Aronofsky on the fallen angel character in the film Noah.

The Strain

In 2013, Simon Lee once again reunited with director Guillermo del Toro to work on the creature design for the FX series The Strain. Simon Lee was instrumental in the design of the main villain from season 1, The Master. Simon Lee also designed and sculpted the cane sword handle for one of the series' main characters, Abraham Setrakian.

Edge of Tomorrow

In 2011 & 2013, Simon Lee worked on the movie Edge of Tomorrow and took part in the film's alien design, twice, having been hired by two different teams to contribute to the creature design.

Kong Skull Island

in 2015, Simon Lee was hired as a creature designer and concept artist for the film Kong Skull Island. Together with famed designer Carlos Huante, Simon Lee was instrumental in the design of the film's main antagonistic creature, the skullcrawlers.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

in 2016, Simon Lee took part in the next installment in Legendary Pictures' Monsterverse movie, Godzilla King of the Monsters. Simon Lee worked with director Michael Doughterty on the design of the film's main villain, the 3-headed dragon King Ghidorah.

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Besides film work, Simon Lee also provides character design services to triple-A games studios. Simon Lee also offers sculpture and creature design classes to artists from all around the world. Simon Lee has taught workshops at Electronic Arts, Blizzard, ArenaNet, Valve Software, The Mill, Disney, & Dreamworks.


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